High Fidelity’s Multi-Con VR Event Will Feature $10K Avatar Contest

Strut your stuff in front of the Mythbusters build team for a chance at $10,000.

It feels like just yesterday we were talking about High Fidelity’s FUTVRE LANDS festival, a 24-hour event held entirely in VR that featured a DJ, live theatrical performances, a marketplace bazaar, trivia game shows, and a live musical performance from a Grammy-nominated artist. The festivities also included a $700 prize for best virtual world and $1,000 for best avatar.

Wasting no time with a follow-up to their popular virtual festival, High Fidelity this week announced the launch of Multi-Con VR, a comic con-style online VR event featuring contests, cosplay, fan art, celebrity panelists, and a slew of other exciting happenings.

Day #1 of Multi-Con goes down March 16th / Image Credit: High Fidelity

The highlight of this event however, will be yet another Avatar Cosplay Contest. This time around, High Fidelity is taking their cut-throat competition even further with a grand prize of $10,000 USD for first place. Second place isn’t anything to scoff at either, with the runner-up taking home a respectable $5,000. Third place will earn themselves a solid $1,000, the same amount as FUTVRE LANDS first place winnings. There’s even a generous participation award of $300 for every competing avatar.

A prizes will be paid in High Fidelity Coin, which can be cashed out and exchanged for standard US currency.

Contestants looking to take home gold will first need to impress the competitions panel of judges, composed of the build team from the Emmy-nominated television show, MythBusters.

Along with the avatar competition, the event will also feature a live performance by celebrated voice actor James Arnold Taylor (Spider-Man, Fred Flinstone, Obi-Wan Kenobi) who will be recreating scenes from major Hollywood films, as well as performances from his own work.

Multi-Con will take place across three separate dates, each of which featuring their own unique topic. March 16th will revolve around anime/animation and the Avatar Cosplay Contest. April 27th will revolve around fantasy and sci-fi, and June 8th will be reserved specifically for comic book lovers.

Multi-Con is a free event, however you will need to apply for the avatar contest here before being considered for competition.

Developed by the same team behind the legendary social platform Second Life, High Fidelity set itself apart from the pack early with their blockchain-based platform where users can create and then sell virtual products for digital currency — which they can later exchange for real cash. The platform has since doubled-down on their live virtual gatherings, hosting a regular series of online tournaments, musical performances, and festivals. With several major events spread across multiple dates, Multi-Con is shaping up to be the platforms biggest undertaking yet.

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