Hasbro Reveals ‘Transformers’ VR Game And NerfVR Updates

The company has revealed additional details surrounding its lineup of original VR experiences.

During day two of Hasbro Pulse Con, a two-day virtual event showcasing exclusive Hasbro products and events, the company announced its first-ever at-home VR game, Transformers: Beyond Reality for Playstation VR and SteamVR headsets.

Hasbro didn’t divulge a lot of details during the brief five-minute announcement, but they did debut a trailer that showed the arcade-style first-person shooter in action, and it looks fantastic!

In Transformers: Beyond Reality, you’ll join the legendary Autobots as they battle their longtime enemies the Decepticons in an effort to save Earth as well as Cybertron. From the looks of the trailer and some of the early artwork, players can take on the role of an Autobot and stand side-by-side with iconic characters such as Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. Using the power of Cybertronian-based technology, players will battle Megatron and his mechanical minions in a variety of epic skirmishes.

According to Hasbro, Transformers: Beyond Realities will be ready for launch for SteamVR and Playstation VR just in time for the holidays!

The company also took time during the event to reveal additional details regarding Season 1 of the Nerf Ultimate Championship. During a panel composed of the creative team over at Secret Location, the company revealed several of the game’s key characters.

During the half-hour announcement, panel members elaborated on their character design process and the importance of inclusivity:

“Where could these people be from? How does that impact their backstory and their personalities as they enter the Nerf Ultimate Championship,” saidJosh Maldondado, a studio director for Secret Location, adding, “We had a lot of discussion within Secret Location with the development team and with Hasbro at large, as well, gathering a wider range of feedback just to make sure that the ideas we had were good and resonating with people, and to double-checking that we weren’t offsides with some sort of assumptions.”

With that said, here are your cast of characters for Nerf Ultimate Championship!

Float, a Korean breakdancer who is the queen of dexterity and rhythm. She’s a superstar breakdancer as well as a rising tide in the competitive gaming scene; a definite force who loves to prove people wrong. Her energy and style were made for the world of Nerf Championship.

Vault is a parkour legend in France. He’s famous for bringing a lot of innovation to the sport, but he also hates the spotlight, which is why he’s not on social media. At the same time, Vault wants the world to know that he’s the best at what he does. One thing about him that competitors should know about is that he rides a fine line between what is legal and not legal when it comes to game rules. He’s the only character in the game that wears a full-face covering and shin guards because of his rough style of play. 

Image Credit: Hasbro

A track star in her home country of Jamaica, Sprint is a second-generation Olympian, therefor her history is full of competitions. She’s always on the lookout for the next big challenge, so when the Nerf Ultimate Championship was announced, joining up for a no-brainer. She brings a cocky vibe to sport and is confident and cavalier in her track star spandex suit.

Clash is an American QB superstar who’s fierce on the field but gentle on the streets. Leadership is something that comes naturally for him and he won’t shy away from a good challenge. He’s not fancy; he rocks your typical gym gear on and off the field. Or as he likes to put it: “athleisurewear.”

You can see the entire announcement here. 

NerfVR’s Nerf Ultimate Championship launches in 2022 with a new trailer dropping right around the holidays. You can also expect the NerfVR discord to go live in December. In the meantime, you can learn more at and through their Twitter page.

Feature Image Credit: Hasbro

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