Our First Look At ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ AR Experience

Hunt down traces of magic in this Pokemon Go-style AR scavenger hunt.

Thanks to the massive popularity of Pokemon GO, augmented reality-based scavenger hunt experiences have become all the rage among mobile developers. Whether it be hunting down genetically mutated dinosaurs in Jurassic World Alive, or mowing down waves of flesh-hungry walkers in The Walking Dead: Our World, it’s clear other major properties have taken notice of Niantic’s winning formula and are keen on cashing in themselves.

In 2017 it was revealed that Warner Bros had launched a partnership with Niantic to develop their own Pokemon Go-style AR game set within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Yesterday, we finally received an update on the long-awaited magical experience, and it’s safe to say Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is shaping up to be the next big hit on smartphones.

Here’s the deal: reports are pouring in that traces of magic have begun appearing throughout the Muggle world, threatening to expose the secretive wizarding world. As a member of the Ministry of Magic and the International Confederation of Wizards new Statute of Secrecy Task Force, it’s your duty to locate, identify, and subdue any magical disorder in order to prevent what officials have begun referring to as “The Calamity”; this can range from magical artifacts and memories, to exotic creatures and unique individuals.

Like Pokemon Go, traces of magic can be found throughout real-world locations, such as museums, libraries, shopping malls, parks, banks, and various offer high-profile areas.

Image Credit: Niantic/Portkey Games/Warner Bros. Games

According to the announcement, players will have access to a variety of spells to assist them in locating and taming these magical escapees. Sometimes this means stepping through a portkey to battle dark wizards, other times it means casting a spell that adds roller blades to giant spiders. They’ll also use their magic to battle “confounding” magic in order to capture “Foundable” creatures.

These special characters will need to be protected using Spell Energy, which will continue to drain until the player is able to transport the creature to a ‘safe location’. In order to replenish their magic, players will need to visit special Inns located throughout the physical world, or brew up special potions using ingredients found throughout the real world.

Image Credit: Niantic/Portkey Games/Warner Bros. Games

Of course it wouldn’t be Harry Potter without some form of wizard classification. Players will be able to choose from several wizarding professions, each with their own unique set of skills and enhancements. These classes include the Aurora, an officer of the Ministry of Magic specializing in the disposal of dark witches/wizards and conducting investigations centered around the dark arts; the Magizoologist, a professional tamer skilled with handling dangerous magical beasts; and the Professor, a well-balanced practitioner of magic with a deep understanding of spells.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be available to play on iOS and Android Summer 2019. Android users can pre-register now via the Google Play Store. Until then, keep checking out the official Harry Potter: Wizards Unite website for regular updates on some of the latest magical sightings from across the globe.

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