VR Hand Tracking Shooter ‘Finger Gun VR’ Launches Official Kickstarter

A childhood fantasy brought to life on SteamVR and Oculus headsets.

Earlier today, developer Miru Studio VR launched an official Kickstarter for its upcoming Western themed VR shooter Finger Gun VR. Unlike conventional VR shooters which rely upon motion controllers to fire weapons and interact with the in-game world, Finger Gun VR claims to be the first VR first-person shooter powered entirely by hand tracking.

Set in a small town located somewhere in the far west, Finger Gun VR has you stepping into boots of Wyatt, a local sheriff with a particular set of skills. You see, Wyatt possesses the ability to transform is hands into powerful revolvers at will. Using these versatile hand cannons, you’ll do battle against an invading horde of “robot-like extraterrestrial creatures” hell bent on settling in your sleepy town.

Activating your weaponized appendages is a breeze. Simply make the classic “finger gun” gesture with your hands and watch as your fingers transform into a pair of old-school revolvers. From there, drop your thumb to fire your weapon at various enemies, such as “crawlers;” pint-sized combat bots protected by powerful exo-shields.

According to Miru Studio, the team is working closely alongside Oculus in order to ensure quality standards are met before launch. At the time of this writing, Finger Gun VR still has 34 days left to go in its campaign. Depending on its success, the team hopes to add new hand gestures, additional enemy types, fresh revolver skins, new game modes, and multiplayer functionality.

Those interested in contributing to the campaign can earn everything from beta access and a free copy of the game to various Finger Gun VR merchandise and their name in the credits. High level donors will also receive personalized Easter Eggs and the ability to contribute in the level design process.

For more information on Finger Gun VR visit the official Kickstarter.

Image Credit: Miru Studio VR

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