Our First Look At Halo Outpost Discovery’s Location-Based VR Experience

New gameplay footage of Halo: Training Grounds reveals intense close-quarters VR combat.

Halo Outpost Discovery, a touring Halo-themed fan experience, will soon make its first planned stop in Orlando, Florida this July, bringing with it a wide variety of attractions, competitions, and exhibits; all centered around the infamous video game franchise.

Included in these offerings is the first-ever competitive Halo VR experience, Halo: Training Grounds. This location-based free-roam experience pits two teams of three against one another in a head-to-head close-quarters battle for the honor of top Spartan. So far all we’ve seen of the virtual combat simulator is the equipment used to power the experience as well as several pieces of promotional imagery. Last week, however, a new trailer published on the official Halo YouTube channel offered a very brief look at some in-headset gameplay.

Based on the footage provided, attendees will be duking it out within an industrial training complex littered with an assortment of tall barriers to seek cover behind. In terms of weaponry, players in the trailer can be seen blasting each other with what appears to be the Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol (Plasma Pistol), a standard Covenant weapon within the Halo universe used primarily by weaker enemy units. Much like how the weapon operates in the original games, it looks as though players will have to manage their rate of fire while in combat as opposed to reloading; the Plasma Pistol does not require additional ammunition to function but will overcharge if fired too long and too frequently.

Another interesting note is the legless player models. Similar to Against Gravity’s Rec Room, player avatars will be missing their arms and legs in favor of a more simplistic aesthetic approach that inadvertently makes elite Spartan super soldiers look downright adorable.

Image Credit: 343 Industries

Alongside this competitive location-based VR experience, Halo Outpost Discovery will feature a variety of other exhibits and installations, including a Covenant-themed escape room set aboard an alien ship, as well as a UNSC Pelican flight training simulator. Both of these offerings, while not confirmed as VR experiences on the official website, were showcased as in-game footage in this most recent trailer. Could this be a sign of possible VR integration, or simply a place-holder for an actual physical setup?

Either way, with a location-based competitive VR experience, dedicated laser-tag arena, interactive museum, and a host of other Halo-themed excitement, Halo Outpost Discovery is no doubt shaping up to be an incredible event for fans of the legendary franchise.

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