Traveling Halo Fan Experience Will Feature Competitive Location-Based VR

Fight like alongside fellow Spartans in a PvP experience based on the historic franchise.

As fans of the long-running Halo franchise wait on bated breath for something, anything new regarding the release of the next addition to the Halo lineup, Halo Infinite, 343 Industries is offering Spartan junkies the opportunity to dive deeper into the intricate universe and fascinating lore behind the award-winning video game series via an upcoming touring fan experience.

Launching this July at its first stop in Orlando, Florida, Halo: Outpost Discovery will feature an absolutely massive array of Halo-themed exhibits and panels, immersive themed attractions, interactive in-universe encounters, brand new playable game releases, and a plethora of other attractions guaranteed to make even the most seasoned Halo fan swoon.

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One of these offerings will be a competitive location-based free-roam VR experience centered within the Halo universe. Available as part of the tour, Halo: Training Grounds puts visitors in the boots of a UNSC Spartan, an elite soldier enhanced by both mechanical and biological augmentations. They’ll then fight alongside two other teammates in a 3v3 combat training environment designed to hone your skills as Earth’s most badass fighting force.

Based on the video provided, it appears as though attendees will be using PC backpacks provided by VRcade Systems all-in-one free-roam VR platform in conjunction with the HTC Vive Pro and its motion controllers. As for what the experience is actually like, we’ll just have to wait and see. 343 has been fairly secretive about the project, offering little in the way of visuals or information.

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Halo: Outpost Discovery will also feature the Hall of History, an interactive monument to the achievements and struggles of humanity; Covenant Escape, an escape room experience set aboard a Covenant ship; Pelican Training, a flight simulator program that gives you hands-on training with some of the UNSC’s most advanced hardware; even a collaborative Mega Construx exhibit in which the entire family can collaborate to build a live-size Drop Pod.

Image Credit: Halo Outpost Discovery

As a massive Halo fan myself, I can’t help but get excited over the idea of VR Halo content. After the deeply underwhelming launch of Halo: Recruit on Windows Mixed Reality, I’ve found myself more desperate than ever for a high quality virtual experience set within the iconic sci-fi universe. Hopefully, with enough positive responses from attendees, Halo: Training Grounds will eventually make its way to location-based providers.

Halo Outpost Discovery kicks off July 5th – 7th in Orlando, Florida; followed by Philadelphia, Pennsylvania July 19th – 21nd; Chicago, Illinois August 2nd – 4th; Houston, Texas August 16th – 18th; and Anaheim, California August 30th – September 1st. For more information on the many, many exhibits, check out

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