Halloween Kills Snap Lens Brings Michael Myers To Life In AR

Universal Pictures and Snap Inc. turn to AR and volumetric technology to promote the new Halloween Kills movie.

One of horror films’ most iconic masked killers, Michael Myers, is returning to movie theaters this weekend in Halloween Kills, the twelfth installment of John Carpenter’s Halloween franchise. In addition to the silver screen, Michael Myers will also be making his way to smartphones via an impressive Snapchat Lens created using volumetric technology.

By scanning the Snap code, you can unlock a 3D model of the6’7” horror villain surrounded by fire. The sight of him lurking in front of you will definitely rattle your nerves. Eventually, the blood-thirsty psychopath will begin to creep closer before attempting to slash you with his trademark butcher knife. Yikes!

To create the Halloween Kills Lens, Snapchat and Universal Pictures enlisted the help of a live actor dressed as the infamous killer. The actor was then brought to Metastage, a volumetric capture studio, where they were able to record the performer’s every movement, from his movement to his breathing, in 3D.

Image Credit: Snapchat Inc.

Volumetric capture is a technique in which multiple cameras are used to capture and digitize a 3D physical space. This 3D mesh can be applied to a variety of mediums, from video games and films to digital art projects and—of course—Snapchat filters.

Unlike 360-degree video, volumetric video captures the distance between objects, delivering a realistic sense of depth. In a 360 video, you can only view the video from a single perspective. Volumetric video puts you in the director’s chair.

Image Credit: Metastage

In an Adweek article, Alex Sanger, Universal Pictures Executive Vice President, Global Digital Marketing, said, “In Halloween Kills, Michael Myers has a killer new look that is guaranteed to terrify audiences. We wanted to bring that look not only to theaters but into the palms of your hands, so we partnered with Snapchat and volumetric video to bring that to life in a truly amazing way.”

Not only does the Snapchat filter bring Michael Myers to life in your living room, but you can also use your selfie camera to access a more traditional AR face filter that transforms you into an unfortunate victim of the killer. 

Halloween Kills director David Gordon Green was impressed by the results of volumetric video capture, saying, “Michael Myers looks so realistic with volumetric video, it’s truly terrifying. We’re reaching new levels of terror with Snapchat.”

Halloween Kills arrives in movie theaters this Friday (and on Peacock). The Halloween Kills Snapchat filter is available now!

Feature Image Credit: Snapchat Inc.

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