Half-Life VR Game Officially Confirmed, More Info Coming This Thursday

Valve’s flagship VR game Half-Life: Alyx announced, internet goes bananas. 

Welp, those rumors didn’t take long to confirm. Earlier today, we reported on a potential leak of the long-rumored VR Half-Life game. According to the source, the same one responsible for providing the DOTA Underworlds leaks back in June of this year, the title would be revealed tomorrow in celebration of Half-Life’s 21st anniversary, followed by a first-look at the 2019 Game Awards in December. 

Turns out that timeline was actually a bit behind. Just a few hours ago, Valve confirmed via Twitter that Half-Life: Alyx is, in fact, real and will be receiving an official unveiling this Thursday, November 21st at 10am PT

While we still have no idea what the experience will entail, one can only assume based on the title that it will follow the exploits of series co-star and all-around bad-ass, Alyx Vance, who assisted the protagonist of the game, Gordon Freeman, throughout the events of Half-Life 2, Half-Life: Episode 1, and Half-Life: Episode 2. With the ladder ending on what has now become a legendary cliff-hanger within the gaming community, hopefully, Half-Life: Alyx provides some much-needed closure for long-time fans of the revered franchise.

As for a release date, the original leak claimed the game would be launching in March 2020.

Feature Image Credit: Valve Corporation

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