This Guy Proposed in VR Using Tilt Brush

He painted his proposal in virtual reality and let her reveal the question.

Standing in a room with HTC Vive headset on and controllers in hand, Autumn began reading a love letter painted in virtual reality by her boyfriend. The hand-painted note ended with “I have something to ask you.”

Autumn then transported herself through a waterfall to reveal a mystical smoke filled room where she stood in front of a giant hand-painted heart and box with a bow resting on top. Surrounded by a bed of flowers, her boyfriend asked her to use the eraser tool and remove the bow on top of the oversized box. Slowly revealing itself, Autumn finally saw the message, “Will you marry me?!”


Flinging off her VR headset, her boyfriend was kneeling on one knee with an actual ring box in hand — she said YES.

This entire marriage proposal was created by her now fiancé in Tilt Brush, a Google app for the Vive that lets you paint in 3D space, letting you paint life-size brush strokes, stars, light and even smoke all within VR. Tilt Brush’s intuitive interface lets you toggle between colors and creation tools, so your creative freedom is nearly boundless, and because you’re in a 3D space, you can walk into and around your creations, making art experiential. And in the case of Autumn, this is one experience she will never forget.


This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a marriage proposal in VR, back in October a Valve employee proposed to his girlfriend with a virtual engagement ring that was tracked to one of the Vive controllers. And even just this past week, another gentleman proposed in a similar fashion using Tilt Brush, where he shared his artwork on YouTube as well.

Because of the unique ability to create your own VR art experiences in Tilt Brush, we imagine this won’t be the last one we’ll see. And as more and more VR headsets get into the hands of the creative community, we’re looking forward to see what others dream up of using native VR tools to create even more unforgettable experiences in the future.

Image Credit: YouTube/Jason All The Time

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