This Guy Lost Over 50 Pounds Riding A Bike In VR

We’ve seen what one gamer can accomplish with a personal VR workout routine, cutting over 14 pounds off his weight during a 50-day challenge. Then there’s the intrepid explorer who biked the entire length of Britain in VR and burned over 50,000 calories over an 85 hour journey.

Now one man is combining his own VR workout routine and biking—and he’s already lost over 50 pounds.

36-year-old William Brierly started over a year ago, spending 30 minutes riding a VirZoom stationary bicycle with a HTC Vive headset. Riding close to two to four times per week, his motivation to start a virtual routine came when he found out his wife was pregnant and became inspired to get in better shape before the new family member entered the world.

Now one year and 50 plus pounds slimmer, Brierly’s physical change is quite dramatic and inspiring.

Speaking with VRScout, Brierly shared that he tried working out at the gym and dieting, but that “there is something about VR that you don’t get from a gym that is really amazing.” For Brierly, it was more about the virtual activities paired with a better diet/portions that he enjoyed the most about the routine. The less intimidating atmosphere of being able to workout from home was a big bonus too.

Some of his favorite VR experiences include pedaling a boat, a tank, or even a race car. All immersive experiences that he has randomized into his workout routine and helps keeps his motivation high.

Brierly is a marketing contractor at VirZoom and happens to make video games in his free time. His most recent release, Soda Drinker Pro, is a real time soda drinking simulation. Drinking simulated soda is probably the exact opposite of his virtual workout routine. But if Brierly puts his mind to something, one thing’s for sure, he commits to it.

When it comes to advice for others looking to get in better shape, “I think in the end you need to find the things you enjoy that are active, if it’s VR that’s great…Anything to get your body moving is probably a good thing!”

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