Grow Glide Launches AR Tool For Cannabis Farmers

Cultivators can design their own vertical farming solution and view their multi-tier grow system as a 3D model.

Vertical farming specialists Grow Glide this week announced a new augmented reality (AR) system designed specifically to assist cannabis cultivators in developing their own virtual cannabis farming systems via an easy-to-use web app. Once completed, users can then view their custom grow system anywhere in the real-world as a true-to-scale 3D model.

“From our headquarters in California, to exciting markets like Colombia, England and Israel this software will connect the world of cultivators to our best-in-class cannabis racking solutions,” said Grow Glide CEO Travis Schwartz. “Put our premium racks in your backyard, your new buildout or next to the Eiffel Tower.”

Over at, both experienced and wanna-be cultivators can begin designing their own vertical farming systems using a simple point-and-click solution. Users can adjust the number of tiers (up to three), add plants, and select from a variety of high-end lights provided by seven well-known cannabis light manufacturers, including ALDgreen, BIOS, FOHSE, LUXX Lighting, RapidGrow, Scynce LED, and ThinkGrow.

Users can then scan a QR code using their smartphone devices to access an AR version of their new grow system and place it anywhere throughout the real world.

Image Credit: Grow Glide

“Embracing this cutting edge technology solves a huge problem in our industry – how we let people reach out and ‘touch’ our products,” added Grow Glide President Darin Siples. “As a cultivator myself, being able to visualize a new grow without having to actually install a system is a game changer.”

He continued, “This is just stage one of our ambitious augmented reality plans. We believe the investment we’ve made in this space will cement our goal to be nimble, innovative and the number one provider of vertical cultivation solutions.”

Check out Grow Glide’s AR-powered vertical farm creator for yourself over at

Feature Image Credit: Grow Glide

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