You Can Now Play The Entirety of GTA 5 In VR, Cutscenes And All

The free “R.E.A.L” PC mod adds full VR compatibility to Rockstar’s beloved franchise.

Despite having originally released all the way back in 2013, Rockstar’s fifth entry in their beloved Grand Theft Auto video game series is more popular than ever. Regular DLC updates have kept GTA Online feeling fresh; meanwhile, veteran players continue to spend absurd amounts of real-world money on in-game currency.

Since releasing on PC, players have continued to breathe new life into the 7-year-old title via a wide variety of bizarre, sometimes game-breaking modifications. In 2019, players began experimenting with VR functionality, and while several mods have been successful in nearly bringing the full GTA experience to headsets, they’re not without their fair share of limitations.

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Fortunately, a new update to a popular GTA 5 VR mod referred to as R.E.A.L has managed to rectify many of these reoccurring issues, including VR cutscenes, a simplified setup process, and a variety of other graphical improvements. 

Available now via Github, R.E.A.L’s biggest advantage over competing VR mods is the universal FOV fix. In addition to solving a handful of scripted animation issues, such as aiming your weapon and entering/exiting vehicles, the universal FOV fix finally adds VR compatibility to GTA 5’s cutscenes, allowing players to enjoy the entirety of GTA 5 from their VR headsets. Other improvements include the ability to adjust graphic settings in-headset, smooth camera rotation while on foot in 1st person, improved parachute control, and improved camera management while in 3rd Person. This latest version also adds support for several popular graphics mods including NaturalVision Remastered, VisualV, GTA 5 Redux, and M.V.G.A. 

As previously stated, one of R.E.A.L’s biggest appeals is the simplified setup process, allowing you to add VR support to your game in a matter of minutes via a simple batch file. There’s even a handful of graphics presets for adjusting visual quality depending on your hardware. 

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“The mod natively supports Oculus and SteamVR headsets,” states the mods creator, LukeRoss00 on the official Github page. “HMD detection is automatic: if you have an Oculus headset connected (with the OVR service running) when you start the game, the mod will use native Oculus rendering; otherwise it will launch in SteamVR mode. WMR and Pimax headsets are still not properly supported; I contacted both Microsoft and Pimax about the issues, so fingers crossed, but don’t hold your breath.”

For a full list of the new features and improvements, check out the official GitHub page here.

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