Goro Fujita’s Mind Blowing Animated Quill Illustration

The immersive artist spent 80 hours creating the masterpiece.

Immersive artist Goro Fujita is back at it again. The Art Director at Oculus Story Studio who’s blown our minds in the past with his virtual sculpting in Medium and dream world teasers using Oculus’ Quill app, is now showing off an unreleased update to Quill that let’s you animate illustrations.

The illustrated animation that took 80 hours to create was teased in a video by Fujita, entirely captured in real time while moving through the “Quillustration.”

Titled “A Moment in Time,” this is the first animated Quill illustration we’ve seen and it’s absolutely breathtaking with detail. Painted and animated entirely in VR, Fujita created a busy city street with pedestrians strolling down the sidewalk, a robot store, and even Fujita’s own apartment where he recreated himself illustrating with Oculus Rift and Touch controllers in VR.

Observing the detail and use of light within the art piece is mind-boggling, especially when you consider that this was all created in VR by one person. While in the robot shop, you can see sparks and light reflecting off the shopkeepers face as he goes about his repairs. There’s even a basketball game playing on a television over head in the corner of the shop.

Then there are easy to miss details like the reflections of the robots in the shop window that can only be seen by the viewer when inside the shop. As Fujita explains, this detail is accomplished with a directional brush option that remembers the angle you painted the strokes from. So when you rotate away from it those strokes become transparent.

What we’re eager to learn is how this animation is even being accomplished in Quill. When it comes to animation, the process can be tedious. And according to  Fujita, “A Moment In Time” was created frame by frame just like in 2D animation, but this time painting volumetrically in VR and 3D.

Fujita isn’t able to go into much more detail since this Quill animation feature is still in development, but it’s mind blowing to see what the future of VR art and eventually animation holds for creators.

Quill by Oculus Story Studio is a VR illustration tool that allows you to paint in VR on an infinitely scalable canvas. With a plethora of rich colors and brushes, the app comes free with the purchase of Oculus Touch controllers, making it easy for anyone to start illustrating.

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