GoPro’s Fusion 360 VR Camera Available November For $699

We finally have a date and price for GoPro’s latest venture into VR.

Action filmmaking supplier GoPro is no stranger to virtual reality. The American technology company has dipped its toes into the market before with custom 360-degree rigs for its immensely popular GoPro camera line with products like the GoPro Omni. Now that the medium is beginning to establish a permanent place for itself among other major forms of entertainment, GoPro is doubling down on its commitment to VR with its first ever 360° capture device, the GoPro Fusion.

Available this November for the price of $699, the GoPro Fusion is a considerably powerful device capable of 360° video capture at a whopping 5.2K resolution. This isn’t too shocking when you take a look at the camera’s specs. The Fusion features six onboard cameras delivering that 5.2K resolution in both 360 and standard format, 360 spatial audio, as well as an “OverCapture” feature capable of isolating a standard image from a spherical photo. Other amenities include onboard stabilization, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope and a compass. The camera is also waterproof up to 16 feet and compatible with GoPro-brand mounts.

This is by far one of GoPro’s most ambitious creations to-date. The sheer amount of features crammed into this device is enough to rev any 360° filmmaker’s engine, serving as a standard for what the future of 360° devices could hold. It’ll take this kind of innovation to keep the action sports corporation on top, as the market isn’t exactly barren. Samsung’s most recent iteration of their Gear 360 camera has proven to be a favorite among VR consumers, remaining one of the most popular options for consumers.

With most options for 360° cameras remaining split between cheaper consumer models and high-end, studio models, GoPro has the opportunity to carve out a share for themselves in the prosumer price range. It’ll take this kind of flexibility in equipment options and availability in order to redirect the masses to 360° content. Hopefully this commitment by GoPro brings more confidence to other large camera manufacturers and sparks a new wave of 360° photography and filmmaking.

Image Credit: GoPro

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