GoPro Omni Rig Goes On Sale This Week


You can pick up the six-camera VR rig bundle on August 17th.

After launching their GoPro VR platform and preorders for the Omni rig back in April, you can now finally get your hands on the GoPro six-camera VR Omni rig this week.


GoPro announced that they’ll open up sales of the Omni when the company starts shipping preorder units out August 17th. The $5,000 bundle includes six Hero 4 Black cameras, the housing, and all hardware and software needed to begin shooting and stitching 360-degree footage.

We were at first taken aback when we heard about the $5,000 price tag, especially when six Hero 4 Black cameras purchased individually would run you about $3,000. But after learning what’s included in the Omni bundle, this may just be the perfect starter kit for anyone looking to get into more serious 360-degree video production.


If you already own the six Hero 4 Blacks required, you can always order the camera array by itself for $1,500 — but it won’t come with some equipment or software licenses.

The thing that makes this bundle shine and also sets itself apart from other spherical rigs that utilize GoPros, is that the Omni array comes with built in camera synchronization that can make stitching much easier during post-production. The Omni also syncs the settings of each GoPro so you only have to input them into your main camera.

The Omni also comes bundled with their Omni Importer tool that makes proofing and prepping your 360 footage surprisingly simple. Additionally, you will also get a Kolor stitching software license that allows for much more detailed stitching and 360 video tweaking. You’ll also receive plugins for Adobe Premiere and After Effects to help with editing.

Although the Omni might not be for everyone, this bundle will get you started shooting immersive video and should definitely be considered as an option before trying to piece together a camera array from other 3D printed rig manufacturers.

So what does $5,000 worth of stuff get you? The GoPro Omni all-inclusive package includes the following:

  • Kolor stitching software license
  • GoPro Omni sync rig
  • Six GoPro Hero4 Black cameras
  • Six GoPro Hero4 batteries
  • Six GoPro Mini USB cables
  • Six GoPro lens covers
  • Six 32GB microSD cards
  • Six microSD USB card readers
  • GoPro Smart Remote
  • 7-Port USB hub
  • Switronix Hypercore-98S battery
  • Switronix GP-S V-mount battery
  • Plate/clamp
  • Switronix GP-LS battery charger
  • PowerTap-to-DC 2.5 x 5.5mm cable
  • Waterproof shipping case
  • Plastic tweezers
  • Microfiber bag
  • 2.5mm hex key

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