Google’s Spotlight Stories Release ‘Rain or Shine’ Kid-Friendly VR Short

The team over at Google Spotlight Stories is at it again with the latest release of “Rain or Shine,” a 360° story directed by Felix Massie. The roughly 5-minute short marks the eighth release from Google Spotlight Stories, the tech giant’s R&D initiative to create immersive stories for VR.

With the launch of Google’s Daydream View VR headset last week, “Rain or Shine” is a welcome addition of kid-friendly content for everyone in the family to experience. The interactive animated 360° story follows a little girl named Ella who takes her brand-new pair of sunglasses outside — only to find herself followed by a single cloud that dumps rain on her every time she puts on her new shades.

“Rain or Shine” is a 360° story that is optimized for mobile screens, but is also one of the more interactive shorts from Google’s Advanced Technologies and Projects (ATAP) unit that produced it in conjunction with London-based Nexus Studios. Depending on where you place your attention, certain things can be influenced by how often you look at them. One example is a couple drinking in front of a pub, the more times you look at the couple, the more tipsy they get.


“Rain or Shine” is now available on YouTube as well as through the Spotlight Stories app on iOS and Android, and viewers can also enjoy the experience in VR via Google Cardboard viewers or Daydream View headsets.

You can get a behind-the-scenes look from the team that worked on “Rain or Shine” here.


Earlier this year, Google Spotlight Stories has released a number of must-see shorts, including “Duet” from Disney legend Glen Keane, “Help” from Fast and Furious director Justin Lin, “Pearl” and “On Ice.”

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