Google VR Announces Tilt Brush Artist in Residence Program

From VR Pictionary on The Tonight Show to music videos to car commercials, Tilt Brush, Google’s 3D painting application for the HTC Vive, has found its way into all kinds of exciting new territory this year, allowing us to flex our creative muscles in unprecedented ways in VR. And it’s only been publicly available since April.

Earlier today, Google announced what may be the best Tilt Brush news yet: the Tilt Brush Artist in Residence Program.

In 2016, Google worked with over 60 artists across a variety of mediums—from muralists to painters, cartoonists, and more—to develop the cutting-edge art in VR. According to Google, the primary objective of the program is to let artists “explore their style through brand new technology and tools,” but the artists have also been integral in providing feedback to the Tilt Brush product teams.


For instance, this input helped produce the YouTube export feature Tilt Brush recently launched. The feedback from technologists like Isaac Cohen (Cabbibo), Steve Teeple (Teeps), and Sougwen Chung helped the team refine viewing formats, such as allowing artists to export Tilt Brush work into other  mediums and animation tools for future developments in VR and beyond.

Here are a few of the many wonderful artists chosen to participate in the residency:


For a deeper look at the program, as well as a repository of visuals that will grow over the coming weeks and months, visit this website.

Image Credit: Google VR

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