Google Has Shipped 10M Cardboard VR Viewers; New Daydream Content

There have been over 160 million downloads of Cardboard apps worldwide.

Google is celebrating some new milestones this week with an announcement at Mobile World Congress that more than 10 million Cardboard viewers have shipped worldwide. First launched in 2014, the mobile VR viewer has been a simple and affordable way for everyone to dip their toes into the world of VR.

Although it can be difficult to determine actual demand for Cardboard headsets since so many were given out as free promotional items, Google also announced that there have been 160 million downloads of Cardboard apps on Google, showing some solid usage. In addition, 30 of those Cardboard apps have already seen more than 1 million downloads.

Daydream Sees New Content

Google’s evolution of Cardboard, Daydream, is also seeing some decent numbers according to the tech giant. The Daydream View VR headset that boasts more comfort and interactivity with a hand controller, is averaging about 40 minutes of usage per week. And with six Daydream-ready phones and 100 Daydream apps ready to explore, we can only expect to see more compelling content to hit the platform and increase weekly usage.

daydream-view-headset-corgiThis week during GDC, Google announced that Sky VR is now available for download. Joining other VR video apps like Hulu, Netflix and HBO on Daydream, the Sky VR app showcases a range of immersive 360 videos, including from Sky’s partners like “Star Wars: Red Carpet,” “Anthony Joshua—Becoming World Champion,” and clips from Disney’s “The Jungle Book.”

Google also teased a slew of new titles that were available to demo at GDC.

Virtual Rabbids

Ubisoft and some of the original creators of Rabbids are teaming up to bring you Virtual Rabbids. You’ll be able to communicate and interact directly with the larger-than-life Rabbids embarking on new wacky adventures. The lighthearted game makes full use of the controller, capturing the humor and antics of the original Rabbids series.


Beartopia from Spry Fox is a co-op village game that will bring you together with other players to form friendships and build a bustling and prosperous society. It will be Spry Fox’s first foray into VR.

Virtual Virtual Reality

Find your true calling in Virtual Virtual Reality by Tender Claws. Try on different VR headsets, and the Virtual Labor System will help you identify a suitable artificial intelligence client match.

Along Together

Along Together by Turbo Button is a game about being an imaginary friend. Using the Daydream controller, you’ll help your pal safely navigate treacherous 3D puzzles.

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