Google Adds 50 New AR Animals To Google App & Chrome

Hippos and cows and giraffes, oh my!

Google has expanded its lineup of 3D animals available via Google Search with 50 new creatures. In a video released on Twitter, the company showcases just a handful of the augmented reality animals now accessible via the Google app and compatible Chrome browsers. This includes a giraffe, hippo, milk cow, cat, zebra pig, and a Chow Chow.

According to 9to5Google, this update includes a slew of new dog breeds, from Beagles and Border Collies to Dachshunds and Dobermans. Several breeds of cat have also been introduced, including a Persian cat, Maine Coon, Ragdoll, and Siamese cat. Other additions include a hamster, Fennec fox, and a Red Panda just to name a few. Android Police has collected a sizable list of new additions for those curious about the many other 3D creatures available.

Google first introduced AR animals to Google Search back in 2019 alongside a slew of other AR-based Google Lens tools. To get started simply head to Google Search via the Google app or Google Chrome Browser on a compatible iOS and Android smartphone device. Type in one of the above-mentioned animals and select the “View in 3D” option. To view the animal in AR select the “View in your space” option. You can then tap and hold your screen to move or resize the animal. You can also select the “View actual size” option to automatically rescale the animal to its real-life dimensions.

This latest update comes hot on the heels of last months Aussie AR Animals update, which introduced eight animals indigenous to Australia, including a koala, emu, quokka, echidna, platypus, kookaburra, kangaroo, and a wombat.

Image Credit: Google

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