Google Brings AR Into The Classroom With ‘Expeditions AR’ Program

Google Expeditions expands services to include educational AR for students.

Joining the list of announcements made during the first day of the 2017 Google I/O conference are plans to further expand the company’s Google Expeditions, helping to bring augmented reality experiences into classrooms across the U.S.

Coming to schools this fall, the immersive applications will allow students to collectively experience an active volcano, explore a strand of DNA, inspect the Statue of David or even witness an intense Category 5 hurricane all from the comfort of their own classrooms.

The Pioneer Program uses Google Tango technology to effectively scan and map the physical room and accurately project 3D models throughout. Positional tracking allows students to walk around the objects and view them from any angle they wish. Back away for a full view or step in closer for a better look.

AR classroom during Google I/O 2017.

Google Expeditions has already serviced over 2 million students, taking them on educational virtual reality field trips to exotic locations such as Machu Picchu, Antarctica and even the International Space Station. Expanding into augmented reality will allow teachers to further engage their students by not only letting them view the subjects from every angle, but by letting them interact and share the experience with each other as they do. Allowing students to gather around an object or scene more closely mirrors an open classroom environment, having significant benefits of each student holding a Google Cardboard over their eyes.

With other companies revealing their own AR programs left and right, it’s clear that Google understands the value of their already existing Tango technology, literally opening up the world in front of their eyes.

Teachers interested opening this program to their own students can complete the official Pioneer Program application.

Google I/O 2017 runs from May 17th to May 19th at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California.

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