Google Cardboard Camera Comes to iPhone

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You can now capture and share VR photos on your iPhone.

Released late last year, Google’s Cardboard Camera Android app launched as a simple way to take 3D 360-degree photos that you could experience in a Cardboard VR viewer headset.

Now the app is available for those of us who may only have an iPhone, announcing Monday that Cardboard Camera is live on the iOS App Store.

Both versions of the app will let you take 3D panoramas, which means there are slightly different views for each eye, so near things look near and far things look far. To capture a “VR photo,” hold your phone vertically, tap record, then turn around as though you’re taking a panorama. After capturing the VR photo, snap your phone into a Cardboard headset and look around to explore the image in all directions, and even hear sound recorded while you took the photo to hear the moment exactly as it happened.


Google is also making it easier for you to share what you’ve captured with friends and family. For both iPhone and Android devices, you can now select multiple photos to create a virtual photo album, tap the share icon, and Cardboard Camera will generate a link (like this) that can be emailed, messaged, or posted in apps and on the web. So now your friends will be able to relive you’re hiking on the Olympic Peninsula or maybe just that late night rager at the local pub.

Cardboard Camera 360 Photos

This isn’t meant to be a professional VR camera system, but may be a great solution for many to simply share moments and experiences with others, on platforms like Facebook that allow for 360 photos in the News Feed or Google’s own VR view embedding.

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