Step Inside Your Photos With Google’s Cardboard Camera

This app will allow you to create 3D virtual reality photos.

Google is letting you turn the smartphone in your pocket into a virtual reality (VR) camera with their new app, and it’s completely free.

The Cardboard Camera app for Android is simple to use. When taking a 3D 360-degree photo, the app will ask you to hold out your phone in portrait orientation and slowly spin in a circle to capture your surroundings.

Once the photo has finished saving, you can select the photo and pop it into any Google Cardboard viewer. The Cardboard Camera creates a three-dimensional panorama, which means there are slightly different views for each eye, so near things look near and far things look far.


The ease of use and simulated 3D effect is quite good, allowing you to explore the image in all directions and feel like you are stepping inside your photos.

All photos taken with the app are saved the Cardboard Camera’s library, which comes with five other sample photos to immediately start experiencing the app with Google Cardboard. Additionally, you can record audio during the photo capture to hear the moment the image was captured.

Cardboard Camera 360 Photos

Cardboard Camera is available for download on Google Play.

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