Golf Fans Can Watch the Masters Live in VR

For those that can’t make it to the 80th Masters tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia this week, you can now experience all the action live in virtual reality like never before.

Between April 4-10, 2016, the Masters has partnered up with VR livestreaming specialists NextVR to transport you to hole number 6 and 16 in some pretty unique VR sports access. The NextVR livestream cameras will be positioned on the tee-boxes and greens of both holes to broadcast all the live action straight to your Gear VR headset.

Earlier this week, NextVR has been livestreaming short windows of practice rounds before the big tee off on Thursday, when broadcasting is expected to run throughout the day to capture live continuous coverage of the tournament.

Fans can download the free NextVR app for Gear VR on the Oculus Home store to get the experience teed up.


View a leaderboard and switch between cameras live in VR.

The latest VR livestream experience this time around is giving you even more interactivity of coverage during the tournament to keep things interesting. Once inside the app, you can switch back and forth between multiple camera views and also check a dynamic leaderboard to see how players are performing. Expect the scoreboard to really start lighting up when the tournament officially starts on Thursday.

NextVR Live VR Broadcast

Just last month, NextVR and Fox Sports teamed up to livestream some March Madness in VR as part of a five-year partnership inked to bring a slew of live VR experiences to sports fans across the country.

For more information on live event times and app support you can visit their site.

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