Godzilla VR Experience Heading To VR Zone Osaka

Battle head-to-head with the King of Monsters at VR Zone’s brand new Osaka location.

With popular film reboots in both Japan and the US, an ongoing anime adaptation currently streaming on Netflix, and a couple of confirmed sequels right around the corner, it’s never been a better time to be a towering, prehistoric sea monster strengthened by nuclear radiation.

As if the world’s most infamous kaiju wasn’t receiving enough love, it now seems as though VR Zone, Bandai Namco’s mega popular location-based VR arcade, has caught a bit of Godzilla-fever themselves as the company has announced a unique, multiplayer VR experience that would allow visitors to go head-to-head with the legendary God of Destruction.

Debuting simultaneously with the launch of VR Zone’s newest Osaka location later this year, the location-based experience will allow friends to team up against the alpha predator himself using a combination of HTC Vive VR headsets and custom motion chairs equipped with dual joystick controls. Taking on the role of combat chopper pilots, users will have access to a massive arsenal of destructive firepower in which to protect the city from Godzilla’s equally devastating attacks.

Based on the video provided, it looks as though the experience will include all the key ingredients of a classic Godzilla fight: epic amounts of environmental destruction, jaw-dropping explosions, and of course, the signature ‘atomic breath.’

The upcoming Godzilla VR experience will be available exclusively at VR Zone Osaka in Osaka, Japan later this year. Seeing as the new location will include many of the popular attractions found at the Shinjuku arcade, you can expect this Godzilla experience to eventually make its way to the original location at some point.

Bandai Namco recently launched its new Dragonquest VR experience at the original Shinjuku location this past April, adding to its already stellar catalogue of immersive attractions.

Godzilla made its VR debut back in 2016 with Shin Godzilla VR available for Japanese PS VR users. The monster also dipped its toes into AR back in May with Tokyo’s Godzilla Nights event, powered by Microsoft’s Hololens.

Image Credit: VR Zone Osaka / Bandai Namco

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