Glide Through Virtual Skies in Paragliding Simulator ‘ParadropVR’

Denmark’s Universe Science Park will be the first to house the ambitious location-based experience Spring 2018.

It’s hard to talk about cutting-edge VR without bringing up at least one of the rapidly-growing location-based VR experiences. By combining modern VR technology with unique gameplay mechanics reliant on custom hardware and a specialized playspace, you create a distinct, immersive experience that’s simply too intricate or expensive to replicate at home.

That’s precisely the case with ParadropVR, a brand spankin’ new location-based VR experience from UK-based Frontgrid that drops users right in the middle of an adrenaline-fueled paragliding thrill ride that’s fully under their control.

First debuted at the 2017 Euro Attractions Show in Berlin, ParadropVR tasks users with navigating their parasail through a variety of exotic locations as they attempt to glide through as many floating hoops as they can before reaching the surface.

Participants control their movement and descent using a set of physical paraglider handles that communicate with the primary seated unit which in turn replicates the movements created as the result of intense winds or sudden drops. It also appears as though users begin at an elevated point on the ParadropVR device before gradually descending back to the ground in synchronization with the VR experience.

Spectators will have a chance to follow the virtual action via a set of TV screens which will display not only the viewpoints of each user, but the overall high scores from past guests as well. The attraction also features its own mobile app for keeping track of your scores and sharing your improved runs for friends. Looks like Frontgrid is expecting some return customers.

Thanks to a partnership between Frontgrid and UK-based immersive attractions provider Simworx, a four-person ParadropVR unit will open first at the educational Danish amusement park Universe Science Park Spring later this year.

“We are proud to bring the world’s first ParadropVR to our park,” said Universe Science Park’s COO Jonas Luttermann. “It will be a key attraction to expand our VR attraction, and we’re sure the fully immersive, physical experience will be mind-blowing for our visitors.”

So far Demark’s Universe Science Park is the only confirmed location for ParadropVR, but Frontgrid has already expressed interest in expanding its modular attraction to shopping malls, theme parks and other major entertainment locations worldwide in the near future.

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