A Neat Whisky VR Experience

We think we’ve started something! After the madness of hanging out in a virtual pub last weekend and the thrill of our Coors Light adventure yesterday, we continue on this weeks VR drinking theme, this time with the worlds most awarded Scotch Whisky brand – Glenfiddich.


The VR experience – entitled “Journey into the Mind of the Malt Master” – is an ambitious project that immerses viewers, no matter where they are in the world, into the heart and soul of the Glenfiddich distillery, highlighting the mastery and craft of their single malt whisky production.

The film mixes high end production techniques including photo-real 3D CGI, drone footage shot with cutting edge image stabilization tools and live action tracking camera shots composited into a CG environment. The live action footage was shot at the Dufftown distillery, in the surrounding countryside and a bespoke 360° green screen studio to allow for the precise choreography of the highly technical shoot.


Ifan Jenkins, Global Brand Marketing Manager for Glenfiddich said: “Glenfiddich as the single malt Scotch whisky that created the category as we know it today is renowned for pushing the boundaries of whisky convention and this distillery tour continues that rich vein of innovation. Using cutting edge VR technology allows us to immerse whisky drinkers from all over the world in the Glenfiddich story and our Dufftown home to create a truly memorable experience and showcases how we’ve mastered the art of whisky making.”


The VR project was created by Agency Space in collaboration with production company Happy Finish.

Glenfiddich will use the VR film in a series of experiential tasting events to be run in leading bars and travel retail environments across the world throughout this year. VR and drinking? Either a party for the senses or the disappointment of a wet lap and an empty glass!

About the Scout

Alaster Armitage-Brain

Alaster is the UK Editor-at-Large for VRScout. Outside of VRScout he is producing VR content for leading brands around the world.

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