These Givenchy VR Concept Glasses Pack The Best of Sci-Fi Luxury

Because dystopian desert fashion is so 2015.

It’s no mystery that VR and AR hardware are not generally regarded as the pinnacle of high fashion. A few weeks ago, Branko Lukic’s studio went so far as to offer a few different takes on more beautiful and ergonomic headsets than we currently find on the market.

But Korean design studio PDF Haus has just released mockups of Givenchy VR/AR glasses (as they say, get you one that can do both) that stand to give immersive tech a bit of a facelift.

These are concepts inspired by Givenchy’s design direction, as you can see from the timeless styling, including bold, elegant colors and interplay of tones and textures.

The result glasses, in this reviewer’s opinion, completely live up to Givenchy’s high-end, ready-to-wear chic. This time with a healthy dash of sleek sci-fi.

Now, these glasses are obviously designed with the future in mind—VR and AR companies across the globe are racing to find ways to drop the size and increase the portability of their hardware, and though we’ve seen amazing developments in that direction, we’re still a ways off from that particular dream becoming a reality.

Despite the fact that these are just concepts, they exhibit a clear degree of understanding how XR tech will be able to work at the consumer level.

The first feature that feels especially prescient is the ability to oscillate between VR and AR; the Givenchy concepts allow users to flip between VR (the color flip-up lenses) and the transparent glasses underneath.

Which means users would be able to jump seamlessly from playing a VR game on the bus to getting walking directions overlaid on their vision guiding them to their next destination.

The dial along the lenses would also enable users to find their ideal desired viewing specifications.

And finally, the padded headstrap ensures that you’ll be able to wear these comfortably through any part of your demanding socialite life—and you won’t even have to worry about your accidentally wrecking the (presumably) pricey specs.

That is, unless you opt for the version with traditional arms. But that would just be the price of beauty.

PDF Haus even mocked up an advertising roll-out. Just imagine these as billboards—to say nothing of the inevitable AR integration that went along with them.

In the meantime, these concepts are the closest we’ll get to realizing that future. That is, until we’re living it.

To see more “what if” concepts PDF Haus has created for existing companies, check out their Behance page, which includes designs of products from BurberryRedbull, Kodak, and Harley-Davidson.

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