This Guy Created A Giant Lego Blaster With A Vive Controller

You can shoot Lego figures in both the virtual and physical world.

Combining his love for 3D-printed props with his passion for VR, UK-based robotics mechanic James Bruton has created what he calls a “giant Lego hyperreality blaster.”

The oversized Lego blaster shoots a “Lego brick from a physical Lego gun, through the virtual world, but then back into the physical world to hit physical targets.” You can watch the full demonstration in the video below.

Bruton 3D printed giant Lego bricks to create a blaster gun that has a giant screen attached to the front. This allows him to peek into the virtual world. The entire blaster uses HTC Vive tracking and a Vive controller attached to act as the trigger. Through the monitor, Bruton can look around the virtual world and shoot Lego man bullets at his targets.

Aside from 3D printing his blaster, he also 3D printed the Lego targets, using the same 3D files to make physical and virtual versions of the Minifigs. Each target stood on a base that knocked them over in the physical world when the virtual version was shot down as well.

Bruton wasn’t quite sure what to call this project. Stating that it’s a bit like augmented reality that overlays digital imagery on the physical world. However, “this goes a step further by overlaying the physical world back onto the virtual world,” said Bruton. “So i’m not really sure what to call it — and that’s why i’m calling it hyper reality.”

Either way, it’s a fantastic technical proof of concept on how one can mix physical and virtual reality in the same real-world space.

Concepts like this have been popping up more frequently as Vive systems and Vive trackers fall into the hands of creative developers. We’ve seen everything from virtually tracked cats, ceiling fans, spray cans, and camera devices. Rogue One film director Gareth Edwards even used a similar virtual camera idea to stage several movie scenes.

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