‘Getting Over It’ In VR Looks Soul-Crushing, In A Good Way

2017’s charmingly odd platforming game Getting Over It is getting an unofficial VR remake for the Oculus Quest and PC VR.

For those unfamiliar, Getting Over It was a painfully unforgiving platforming game in which players use a mouse or trackpad to navigate a man named Diogenes up a steep mountain.

Similar to the famous Greek philosopher of the same name, the shirtless avatar lives within a large metal cauldron and is controlled using a Yosemite hammer which players use to grip surrounding objects.

In a video shared to Reddit this past week, user u/Bezbro showed off a VR remake of the offbeat platforming game currently in development. Unfortunately, it could be some time before we see a public release. According to Bezbro, the team is currently working on a 3D version of the original map designed from the bottom up for VR.

“It is currently not on SideQuest or available for download. However, we are planning to make a version that has a map actually designed to work with VR, unlike the og map that’s only designed for 2D (there are many broken areas not shown in the above video). Once completed we may put it on SideQuest :),” said Bezbro in response to a question about availability.

Image Credit: u/BezBro via Reddit

In that same thread, Bezbro confirmed that the title would be heading to Oculus Quest and—after some initial confusion—PC VR headsets.

For more information check out the original Reddit post.

Feature Image Credit: u/BezBro via Reddit

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