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Zumba Dance VR Virtual Reality

Zumba is bringing the VR dance experience to new fans with their latest Zumba class in 360-degree video. Viewers can get their Latin dance moves on in a virtual class from the point of view of an instructor or the perspective as a student.

Zumba has partnered with VR platform YouVisit to create the 360-degree video that shows viewers what it may be like to take a Zumba class led by Beto Perez, creator of the dance-fitness program.


The 3.5-minute video gives the viewer a glimpse of an enthusiastic class dancing in a studio and moving as the instructor shouts out directions throughout the routine. The VR experience can be viewed on the YouVisit website in 360-degree video. YouVisit also has an iOS and Android app called “YouVisit VR”.

Zumba is looking to partner with gyms around the country to bring new, potential, or existing members the VR experience as a way to entice them to try a live Zumba class.

“Virtual reality is a great way to show people what the Zumba experience is like. A lot of people don’t know what it’s like to be in a Zumba class, and you can only see so much in 2D,” explains Alberto Perlman, CEO of Zumba. “With this new technology, users can get a true, 3D sense of what to expect when taking a class.”


Virtual reality may be just the tool that fitness marketing may need. Exercise related media has evolved over the years from videotapes, to DVDs, to video games, and to video-on-demand. Virtual reality may be poised to provide the next step in-home exercise content.

Companies have quickly been discovering the power of virtual reality in enticing new consumers to trial. LA Philharmonic will soon be launching a mobile VR orchestral experience tour in targeted areas around Los Angeles to drive awareness with consumers who might not normally think to visit the orchestra. An experience that may not be optimal when viewing in standard video like a Zumba class or an orchestral auditorium, the hope is that virtual reality will be engaging and immersive enough to tell friends and eventually open up their wallets.

We can’t wait to get our Zumba dance on


Update 9/11/15: Added links to iOS and Android app

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