Gear VR Livestreaming Now Includes Facebook Comments

Interact with viewers while in VR.

It’s been said before, but VR can be an isolating experience. While you don your VR headset, it’s often difficult for others to see or enjoy what you’re actually experiencing. But of course, that’s what Facebook wants to help solve by making VR more social.

That’s why earlier this year, Facebook took one step in the right direction with the launch of Gear VR livestreaming. Seeing how Facebook owns Oculus, it only made sense that the social giant would see out better integration between the social platform and their VR platform. The update allowed you with a couple clicks, to easily livestream your VR experience to Facebook, letting your friends and family in on those memorable jump scare virtual moments.

Now Facebook is taking VR livestreaming even further, letting you see interaction from viewers through comments and reaction. Instead of just broadcasting your VR experience to Facebook with no clue who’s watching or what they may be commenting—Gear VR livestream comments and reactions will display in VR for you.

So whether you’re broadcasting your virtual tour or facing your fears in Stranger Things, you’ll be able to look down see who’s coming along with you for the ride.

Along with the Gear VR livestream comment update, Oculus also brought a few new ways to interact and spend time with friends in Rooms, VR versions of private chat rooms. You can now share your photos from Facebook to within Rooms, select from Facebook video content, or even play chess with friends.

All great additions to keeping us in VR longer and because we all know VR is better with friends.

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