Weekend Downloads: New Content for Samsung Gear VR

Weekend Downloads is part of our ongoing series of new Samsung Gear VR content to get you through the weekend. This week, the Oculus Store has added 2 games, 2 videos, and a new concept app.

So for all you Gear VR owners out there, a little something for everyone to check out this week.

Get ready to snap in your phone scouts!

This Week’s New Gear VR Content (2/12/16)


Goosebumps Night of Scales ($2.99)
Late last year we buckled in for a ride with Jack Black to flee a giant praying mantis in a VR experience at movie theaters to promote the worldwide release of Goosebumps The Movie. Now developer Cosmic Forces is adding to the franchise with a Gear VR game that we can all play from home. Featuring Jack Black again as the voice of R.L. Stine, you’ll face mystery, mayhem and some of Goosebumps’ most frightening monsters in this Gear VR download.


Mega Spacehole ($4.99)
Now that’s a fun name for a Gear VR game from Furious Union. Mega Spacehole is a fast paced vr-cade shooter that puts you in the center of the action. Survival depends on your lightning reflexes and strategic decisions. Get that tapping finger ready.


Experience the PGA TOUR like you never have before. Go behind-the-scenes at tournaments, get tips from your favorite player and immerse yourself in some of golf’s most beautiful locations. The PGA is the first global sports organization to distribute an app on the Oculus platform.


Sonar (VIDEO)
Created by Sonar360, this video takes you through a story that starts with a drone discovering an unknown asteroid. On its journey over the rocky surface, it receives a strange signal. To locate its source the drone ventures deep into an ancient labyrinth — a place that holds a secret even darker than space itself.


Polydome (CONCEPT)
Step into the Polydome. A place where you can explore a new way of creating music, and experience it all around you. Developed by Plan 8, this is one beautiful concept that is worth checking out.

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