Gameplay Demo: Edge of Nowhere for Oculus Rift

As I climb up sheer ice cliffs, pausing to take a breath as my vertigo kicks in, I glance up to watch chunks of ice break off and fall past me into a dark abyss. I notice my palms are getting sweaty – that was close. For a split second I forgot I was gripping an Xbox controller and then easily reminded myself that this was all just virtual reality.

You can get a first-look at 20-minutes of gameplay footage below:

This is Edge of Nowhere, the latest game from Insomniac Games that will be available June 6th, exclusively on the Oculus Store. I was able to get a 20 plus minute demo at the Insomniac offices in Burbank and I already want more. Also during the visit, I got a first-look at two new Rift games they just announced today, one of which uses the Touch controllers.

Edge of Nowhere is a VR third-person action adventure game where you follow the trail of a missing expedition that leads across the treacherous mountains of Antarctica. You scale massive ice walls and travel deep into alien caves. Along the way, you find various clues and journals, even sometimes stumbling across the gruesome remains of fellow crew members.


Throughout your journey you must use your wits to escape dark caverns and the dangers that await you in the cold, and inside your own mind. You find yourself constantly looking around, wondering when, not if, a monster will come out of the shadows. Sometimes you can’t avoid trouble, so that’s when you need to act and use weapons. But for the most part, the best strategy is not to be seen and often times throw rocks as a distraction for the monsters to assist in navigating around them – at least that’s what I did in my demo.


Edge of Nowhere was developed specifically for VR, letting you experience a huge sense of scale in this unsettling world of surprises and will be available June 6th. You can read more about Insomniac’s other two Rift games, Feral Rites and The Unspoken here.

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