‘Fruit Ninja VR 2’ Available For Early Playtesting

Go hands-on with the highly-anticipated follow-up to Halfbrick Studios’ VR hack-and-slash game before its launch later this year.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that the classic mobile game turned hit VR experience, Fruit Ninja VR, would be receiving a proper follow-up later this year, offering a new-and-improved arcade experience that will have you exploring the colorful Fruit Ninja Temple as you continue to hone your incredible—or shameful—fruit-slashing skills.

Whereas the original 2016 game had you battling various produce using an arsenal of razor-sharp blades, Fruit Ninja VR 2 introduces bow gameplay to the mix, allowing you to earn serious points by racking up combos and performing unique skillshots.

According to the official Steam page, the game will feature 25 levels in total. You can also for the first time explore the lush, colorful grounds of the Fruit Ninja Temple and hunt for a variety of interactable objects.

On top of that, developer Halfbrick Studios is promising additional weapons and levels as well as a dedicated social hub and several multiplayer gamemodes.

Image Credit: Halfbrick Studios

“Immerse yourself in the beautiful and stylish world of Fruitasia,” states the company on the official Steam page. “Explore the scenic Fruit Ninja Temple. Hone your mind, body, and weapons as you practice on the temple grounds. Then put your skills to the test in all new challenges with an arsenal fit for a champion.”

The game is set to arrives on SteamVR headsets later this year. Those interested in going hands-on early can request access to the Fruit Ninja VR 2 playtest on Steam.

If you’re selected for testing, you’ll receive additional information from the developer on how to proceed. Just head to the official Steam page and scroll down until you see the “Request Access” option.

Again, requesting entry to the playtest in no way guarantees you access to the game. If you don’t receive an email immediately, don’t panic. The developers will continue to reach out for additional testers as needed.

For more information on Fruit Ninja VR 2 visit here.

Feature Image Credit: Halfbrick Studios

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