Free VR Games For The Oculus Quest 2 – 2021 Edition!

We’re back with a fresh batch of killer VR games for the Oculus Quest 2 that won’t cost you a single dime.

Yes, you heard the correct, each of the five games on our list comes at the low low price of zero dollars and zero sense. But don’t let the price tag fool you, the following games offer hours of entertainment.

That being said, some of the games included on the list can only be accessed via sideloading. We’ve covered how to sideload content on the Oculus Quest in the past, so feel free to check out one of our previous videos to learn how. 

But enough talk, here are another five VR games you can play right now on the Oculus Quest 2 fo’ free:

Long story extremely short, Touring Karts is basically VRs response to Mario Kart, offering players a zany cartoon racing experience that’s as over-the-top as it is entertaining.

Much like Nintendo’s legendary kart racer, Touring Karts has players navigating a variety of colorful race tracks while collecting power-ups they can use to sabotage the competition. Unique to the game, however, is the ability to combine powerups to create more devastating items. The game features 22 tracks in total and 30 customizable cars, so yeah, this should keep you busy for a while. 

I can’t even imagine the amount of backlash we’d receive if we didn’t include Gorilla Tag on this list, and for good reason. This PvP multiplayer experience has you monkeying around a variety of low-fi jungle playgrounds using some hilarious locomotion mechanics.

VR tag sounds like a simple concept, but don’t let the straightforward gameplay and basic visuals for you, Gorilla Tag is chock full of laughs. Even better, a new mod released earlier this year introduced dozens of new maps to the experience, including New York City, the International Space Station, Minecraft, and Whomp’s Fortress from Mario Bros.

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MarathRUN is the VR obstacle course experience you never knew you wanted. Think of it like Wipeout or—for more seasoned readers—Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. The goal is to be the first player to cross the finish line; the only thing stopping you is a gauntlet of traps, hurdles, and obstructions. Each player comes equipped with a blue and red pickaxe which they can use to overcome certain obstacles.

This can include everything from monkey bars and rock walls to trick platforms and giant rolling boulders like the one featured in Raiders of the Lost Ark. The current version offers several courses to race, though finding a game can be difficult at the moment. If you can scrounge up a few friends to play with, however, you’re in for a seriously good time. 

Real Commodore 64 – Virtually is an emulator for the Oculus Quest platform that lets you play oldschool Commodore 64 games in VR. This is a full-functioning emulator, which means you’ll need to provide your own ROMs in order to play. What I love about this app is the attention to detail.

You can enjoy a variety of retro games inside a nostalgia-inducing bedroom packed with relics of a bygone era, from old-school movie posters to classic figurines. 

If you’re a fan of card-based games like Magic the Gathering or YuGiOh!, then Cards and Tankards is the game for you. Developed Divergent Realities took their time crafting an original strategy card game that’s easy to pick up but difficult to master.

Players can duke it out in 1v1 battles or against AI opponents in this addictive strategy game. You can choose a faction, build your deck using 60 unique cards, or just hang out in the tavern and talk strategy with other players. What I enjoy most about the game is the overwhelming sense of community. Everyone is so darn supportive!

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