Framestore Partners With Madefire For Launch of VR Comics Platform

Batman, Superman, G.I. Joe and more comic books coming to Oculus.

During a New York Comic Con panel this past week, Ben Wolstenholme the CEO of Madefire joined together with Fox, Oculus and comic creator Dave Gibbons (Kingsman and Watchmen), revealed the launch of VR Comics, which is available right now on Gear VR.

Madefire’s latest VR Comics app is hoping to add a third dimension to the 2D comic reading experience, letting you feel like you’re hovering in front of the comics panel. The newest version of the Madefire Motion Books and Comic app features world-class content optimized for VR reading, including:

Revolution — The brand-new universe from IDW & Hasbro
Somnia: Origins  — The new original title from visual effects studio, Framestore
Injustice: Year One — The smash-hit comic from DC Comics
Planet of the Apes: Memorial – The first episode in the creator initiative from Twentieth Century Fox & Madefire
MONO: The Old Curiosity Shop — The award-winning Madefire Original

The Madefire app launches with these samples for now, but will be upgrading its full library of comics to have everything in app by Christmas.


“Comics are such a powerful storytelling format. People learn to read through comics; people are transported to other worlds through comics. Comics are words-and-pictures, perfect for storytelling in virtual reality,” said Ben Wolstenholme, CEO & Co-Founder of Madefire.

One of the demo pieces, Somnia: Origins, marks the first original IP from Framestore VR studio. The self-contained story is set in late 1980’s Copenhagen and features an international group of neuroscience graduate students using first-generation virtual reality headsets to further their research on human visualization. By night, they explore the impossible using homemade audio loops that evoke vivid lucid dreams. While exchanging tapes, one student, Eric, mentions that his latest loop conjured a brooding, paunchy older man who called himself The Master. Upon trying Eric’s tape, another student, Yasu, is shocked when this same character appears in his dream.


The project is part of the slate of Framestore Ventures, the internal incubator and development arm of Framestore, which has also invested in Madefire.

Madefire announced last week that it has raised $6.5 million in Series B funding led by Plus Capital alongside several of the top creators in the world including Kevin Spacey and Drake. Existing investors and new strategic investors also include True Ventures, Big Loud Capital, and Anthem Ventures.

To experience the future of Comics in VR, download the free Madefire preview app for Oculus Gear VR today:

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