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FPS Classic ‘Special Force’ Arrives On VR Headsets Later This Week


Immerse yourself in one of 2004’s most prominent first-person shooters, now available in VR.

If you’re a longtime fan of the first-person shooter genre, chances are you may be familiar with a competitive squad-based shooter referred to as Special Force. Originally released on PC back in 2004, the FPS classic received 15 years of continued support across 100 different countries, generating several spin-offs and sequels as well as a diverse player base in the process.

Available August 8th via SteamVR, Special Force VR: Infinity War continues the legacy of the original FPS classic while simultaneously adding a new layer of immersion to the experience. Developed by Dragonfly in collaboration with Reality MagiQ, Special Force VR aims to provide users with a less intimidating, more approachable option to competitive VR gaming.

By removing any confusing weapon controls and other unnecessary complexities, Special Force VR looks to cater to both hardcore and casual players with an arcade-style experience that places much of the games minor actions on auto-pilot. This in-turn allows the player to focus more on combat and less on managing supplies. 

Reloading, for instance, is as simple as emptying your clip and waiting for the game to automatically refill your weapon. Feel like loading in a new clip before hopping into that next firefight? Simply remove the magazine manually and watch as a fresh clip is automatically inserted. Swapping between weapons has also been simplified. Whereas other competitive VR shooters such as Zero Latency and Contractors require you to realistically strap your weapon to your body in order to wield a new one, Special Force VR allows you to instantly assign a gun, knife, grenade, or smoke grenade with a simple click of the Vive controllers touchpad. 

Image Credit: Dragonfly

Before hopping into an online match, players can customize their weapon loadout for maximum squad efficiency; weapons available for use include a sniper rifle, light machine guns, and various other tools of destruction. Players can also choose from a variety of avatars: a Delta Force operative, a private military contractor named Max, super-spy Night Fox, and a Spetsnaz soldier, with additional characters on the way. Each of these avatars features their own unique set of stats, affecting everything from movement speed and stamina, to weapon reload speed.

In terms of matches, up to 8 players can duke it out across three different game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Demolition. 

Image Credit: Dragonfly

While the PvP matches feel fun and competitive, it’d be nice to see improvements to the enemy AI in the future. An increase in player speed would also greatly benefit the experience, as I found myself wanting to race across some of the larger maps. I also encountered a fair share of tracking issues when attempting to hold my rifle with both hands, which made using my weapons sight challenging at times. 

Overall, Special Force VR feels rough, but definitely has the potential to grow into a highly-competitive immersive experience. No doubt Dragonfly and Reality MagiQ are aiming for the VR esports sector with this fast-paced, arcade-style competitive experience. 

Dragonfly has confirmed that new weapons, characters, and maps are already in the works. Special Force VR: Infinity War launches August 8th on SteamVR for $24.99. In celebration of the official launch, Dragonfly is offering a 40% discount for one week.

Featured Image Credit: Dragonfly

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