‘Flow Weaver’ Is A Multidimensional VR Escape Room

Travel through dimensions, solve puzzles, and use magic to escape back to your world.

Developed by Stitch Media in collaboration with Silverstring Media, Flow Weaver is an upcoming “multidimensional” VR escape room game that will have you exploring a wide range of fantastical dimensions as you harness your abilities as a “Flow Weaver” to solve unique puzzles and other mystical challenges.

Here’s the scoop: unknown captures have locked you in a supernatural prison using powerful magic. Thankfully, you’re a “Flow Weaver,” a sort of “wizard-traveler” with the ability to travel between different dimensions. Using your interdimensional powers, you’ll travel between multiple worlds and collect new spells to aid in your escape, all while uncovering secrets behind your reality-bending perdicament.

Flow Weaver takes roughly 3 to 4 hours to complete depending on your puzzle-solving skills. Thankfully, you can play this game both down or standing up, allowing for maximum comfort as you ponder your way through each puzzle. Unfortunately, there’s no way to skip the game’s narration, even if you’ve already completed that portion of the game, which can be pretty frustrating. 

The gameplay itself is fun, but I did find certain parts to be unnecessarily difficult, due primarily to a lack of proper clues. Flow Weaver isn’t alone in this; I found similar issues with Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge.

Image Credit: Stitch Media

Flow Weaver uses a “force” like grabbing method, which makes interacting with puzzles and clues a breeze. Unfortunately, there’s not much to the game beyond the puzzles themselves. Stitch Media did such a fantastic job with the environments; I would have loved to have been able to explore each location in more detail.

That being said, Flow Weaver‘s interdimensional puzzles are genuinely entertaining, albeit considerably challenging. Your actions in Flow Weaver have a direct impact on the experience. Solving a certain puzzle or picking up a specific object, for instance, could actually have a rippling effect that makes another puzzle down the road more complex. During your adventure, you may sometimes be required to take a certain object from one dimension and bring it with you into another dimension in order to solve a specific puzzle.

Image Credit: Stitch Media

Flow Weaver is actually being touted by their creators as “the beginning of a much larger fantasy story,” which implies that we could possibly see potential sequels in the future. Hopefully, the developers will incorporate more interactivity into future chapters.

Flow Weaver isn’t perfect, but it does offer a unique take on the VR escape room genre, one that isn’t afraid to challenge the laws of time and space.

Image Credit: Stitch Media

Flow Weaver is slow, but if you have some patience and you’re up for a challenge, then this might be the VR puzzler for you. 

It should be noted that during early beta testing, Flow Weaver was nominated for “Best Virtual Reality Games at the Canadian Screen Awards 2019.”

Flow Weaver is available now on the Oculus Rift/Rift S, Oculus Quest/Quest 2, and Steam for $19.99.

Feature Image Credit: Stitch Media

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