Five Tips & Tricks For Dominating VR Battle Royale ‘Population: One’

This all-in-one player guide will have you gliding circles around your enemies.

BigBox VR’s vertigo-inducing VR battle royale experience Population: One is now available on SteamVR and Oculus headsets and so far players are loving the games’ fast-paced gunplay and climbable environments.

Despite having been out in the wild for over a week, however, I still see many players making the same mistakes when it comes to climbing, fighting, and gliding. We’ve been spending an unhealthy amount with the game as of late so we thought we’d share some of the knowledge we picked up with you fine internet people.

Here are five tips & tricks for dominating Population: One:

Learn to climb effectively.

I’ll be frank, most of you are climbing wrong. Population: One revolves heavily around a robust climbing mechanic that allows you to scale any and every object, building, and structure on the map. Most players will employ this sort of “baby climb” which takes forever and leaves you exposed to gunfire. Instead, try grabbing onto an object and using the momentum to throw yourself upward. Time this well enough and you’ll double your climbing speed, allowing you to seize the high ground quickly during gunfights and raise hell down upon your foes. Remember: big monkey climbs!

There’s no such thing as too much gliding.

In addition to climbing, Population: One allows you to glide around the map like a majestic, but deadly, flying squirrel. To activate your wingsuit, you simply extend your arms into a t-pose position while leaping from any elevated position. And when I say any elevated position, I mean ANY elevated position. Buildings. Containers. Pipes. Cliffs. Rocks. If it’s above ground level, you can glide. This can be a great alternative to walking, which is a considerably slower mode of transportation compared to gliding. So don’t be afraid to glide glide glide!

Practice with the defibrillator.

Population: One allows you to revive fallen teammates midgame by shocking them back to life with a defibrillator. Most players I’ve seen tend to, how do I put this, overdo it with the life-saving device. Instead of destroying your upper body with violent shakes, try performing small steady circles like you would an actual defibrillator. Not only will this cut the charge time in half, but you won’t quite like as ridiculous in a gunfight.

Lead your shots.

Shoot where your opponent will be, not where they are. 98% of the opponents you face in Population: One will be on the move, which means constant moving targets. Whenever you find yourself more than a dozen feet away from enemies, shoot slightly ahead of your target towards the direction in which they’re moving. This will result in significantly more damage to opponents. The further you are, the more you’ll need to compensate for the distance. Practice makes perfect when it comes to this tip. Keep it up, however, and you’ll notice a significant bump in your kill count.

Don’t ignore the daily challenges.

While it’s true you can rank up simply by playing the game, completing the rotating daily challenges earns you an enormous amount of XP, unlocking new weapons skins and unique avatars in the process. Often times these challenges can be done with relative ease. Sometimes this means breaking a certain number of windows, other times it could involve dealing a set amount of damage with a certain weapon. Don’t sleep on these little missions, they are without doubt the fastest way to rank up in Population: One.

And there you have it! Just a few helpful tricks that’ll have you running gliding circles around your opponents. Just remember, when it comes to Population: One, never give up the high ground.

Population: One is available now for $29.99 on SteamVR, Oculus Rift, and Oculus Quest headsets.

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