Five Incredible ‘Dreams’ VR Games You Can Play Right Now On PSVR

Dive into these fantastic player-created PSVR games today.

Media Molecule’s Dreams VR update is officially out in the wild, offering PS4 players the chance to build, play, and share their very own PlayStation VR games, no prior game development knowledge necessary. Despite having only been live less than a month, Dreams has already amassed a sizable catalog of player-created games tailor-made for PlayStation VR.

With hundreds of VR-ready games already available for download, we thought it might be helpful to brake down just some of our favorites we’ve discovered so far. It’s important to note that the following list is composed of both original experiences built specifically for PSVR as well as existing Dreams projects we feel were enhanced by the introduction of VR support. Okay, with that out of the way here are our top five favorite Dreams VR games available now on PSVR:

Up first we have Disneyland Resort’s Indiana Jones Adventure Temple of the Forbidden Eye. Brought to us by The Army of Doss and 1collaborator, this colorful adventure takes you through a carefully-crafted VR recreation of Disneyland’s popular Indiana Jones Adventure ride.

Players begin in the outdoor queue area. Here they can explore some of Disney’s jungle-themed scenery before making their way into the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. After navigating through a series of ancient tunnels and deadly traps, you’ll strap into a moving car and explore an incredibly well-made recreation of the original adventure ride, complete with captivating animated visuals and a variety of sound effects. At this risk of over-selling Adventure Temple VR, this might be my favorite experience on the list…

Next up is Resident Evil: Project Escape by Robo_Killer_v2. Originally released as a standard 2D Dreams experience, this new VR update adds a whole new level of immersion to what was already an engaging horror experience. Set in Racoon City during the initial outbreak of the T-virus, Project Escape begins with a terrifying cut-scene before trapping you in a dark, decrepit building with only a homicidal mutant to keep you company.

In order to escape, you’ll need to locate and repair three different generators scattered throughout the building, all the while avoiding the clutches of Nemesis. You’re given a gun to defend yourself, but anyone familiar with the towering giant know it’s better just to high-tail it and run. If you’re a fan of Resident Evil or just screaming in general, this is the game for you.

Moving on we have Fruit Shinobi VR by creator KidWawve. This one is fairly self-explanatory. Players use their Move controllers to slice and dice their way through waves of flying fruit in an interactive arcade experience nearly identical to that of the original Fruit Ninja.

While there already is an official Fruit Ninja VR game available on PlayStation VR, Fruit Shinobi VR is an excellent example of the technical capabilities afforded by the Dreams VR game creator. Plus, you can never have a enough VR ninja simulators if you ask me.

Up next on the list is VIN-100’s INNER DEPTH VR Edition. Another 2D Dreams game turned interactive VR adventure, Inner Depth is an arcade flying experience with a scientific twist. Harnessing the nostalgia of classic films such as Fantastic Voyage, this incy-wincy adventure has you shrinking down to the size of a human cell and exploring the inside of a human body.

While there, you’ll go head-to-head with a handful microscopic baddies using your ships laser weapons systems; this includes various parasites, super bugs, and viruses. Broken up into multiple chapters, you’ll have the ability to explore different parts of the body through several entry points, such as the nose and a forehead cut. It’s hilarious. It’ gross. It’s the 80’s body-shrinking adventure we’ve all been waiting for.

Finally, we have Sinfeld Chronicles VR by mrironmonkey and 1 collaborator. I’ll be 100% up front with you, I don’t have a real justification for this one. Originally released as a standard 2D Dreams game, VR support doesn’t really add much to the existing experience, I just find the whole thing incredibly hilarious. In terms of a plot, there really isn’t one.

Players take on the role of Jerry Seinfeld’s nephew as they search the instantly-recognizable apartment for any sign of their missing uncle. As they explore, the players’ character provides additional narration. It’s absolutely useless, but I couldn’t stop laughing at the timid delivery. Eventually, however, the game turns into a nightmare. Players soon find themselves exploring haunted versions of famous Seinfeld locations and interacting with ghoulish renditions of the cast. It’s as hilarious as it is upsetting, an interesting combination for VR.

And there you have it! Just five of our favorite Dreams VR games we’ve discovered so far. Of course, there are still hundreds of other games to be tried over at Just head to the “Games” tab and select the “VR Compatible” filter setting to locate all VR-supported titles. Remember, you don’t need a PSVR headset to start creating VR games, though it certainly helps.

Dreams is available now for $39.99 via the PlayStation Store.

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