‘FitXR’ Just Took VR Fitness To The Next Level

This latest update introduces a new High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) studio designed to get your heart rate racing.

I think it goes without saying – there’s no shortage of high-quality VR fitness games and apps available at the moment. Whether it be the professionally-curated workout regiments featured in Supernatural and FitXR or physically engaging experiences like The Climb 2, Thrill of the Fight, and Holofit, VR is proving itself to be a genuine replacement for brick-and-mortar gyms. Just ask Facebook.

This is precisely why FitXR’s latest update is such a big deal. Best known for its rhythm-based boxing and dance classes, this latest update introduces a new High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) studio aimed at improving your agility, endurance, and reaction speeds. What is HIIT you ask? Put simply, this is an extremely popular form of interval training designed to get the heart pumping by performing short bursts of intense activity with little time for recovery. According to research, this can be a great option for those looking to burn serious calories while decreasing blood pressure. That being said, these types of exercises can be physically exhausting.

Thankfully, FitXR’s new HIIT classes feature instructor lead classes to help guide you through each workout. In addition to the physically demanding Fitness Activity classes, there are also Reaction Activity classes designed to improve your reflexes by having you hit a wall composed of fast-moving targets. According to the company, these HIIT classes are directly inspired by the training used to prepare professional-level F1 drivers.

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“We’re excited to launch a brand new way to workout with FitXR with the introduction of HIIT classes,” said Sam Cole, CEO & Co-Founder, in an official statement. “We were inspired by the rush of endorphins and sense of achievement you get from completing a high-intensity class, and a desire to continuously develop and evolve the FitXR virtual fitness club. The HIIT Studio brings a style of workout that is completely different, but equally as fun and entertaining. We know how important variety is for our community, who use FitXR every day to reach their fitness goals.”

FitXR’s new HIIT studio is available now on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 headsets with three introductory classes available free of charge. Those looking for more can sign up for a FitXR subscription ($9.99 per month) to unlock a new mix of HIIT, Boxing, and Dance classes every week.

Image Credit: FitXR

As the fitness community continues its embrace of immersive technology, the integration of popular workout trends in VR games and apps will only become more prevalent moving forward. The support for HIIT training marks a major milestone for FitXR and the VR fitness industry as a whole, offering users a purely fitness-focused experience. That being said, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Crossfit, mixed martial arts, yoga; there’s still so much potential left untapped.

“With HIIT studio, FitXR is truly pushing the boundaries,” added Cole. “This is the start of the next phase of what’s possible to achieve in VR fitness.” 

For more information check out the official Oculus blog post.

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