Fitness-Focused AR Game Lets You Earn As You Burn

Fatten your wallet while losing fat.

The CaloVerse is an exercise-centered ecosystem that allows you to earn real money as you shed away unwanted calories. The cardio-based metaverse is powered by blockchain technology and accessible on compatible iOS and Android devices.

Players are tasked with completing a variety of exercise activities which earn them IFIT tokens, Calo Token, and various other in-game rewards. In order to generate cryptocurrency, however, you’ll need to equip a pair of NFT sneakers, each of which is designed for a different physical activity.

The CaloVerse is composed of two primary components at the moment: Calo Run and Calo Indoor. Calo Run is a jogging companion that uses GPS to track your real-world movement and translate it into crypto. The latest addition, Calo Indoor, features augmented reality (AR) support for a variety of cardio-based activities, including Reflex Game, Fit the Shape, and Jumping Battle.

“Stamina is required to earn FIT tokens,” says the official website. “Each stamina equals 5 minutes of move & earn movement and stamina, which ONLY starts replenishing after players acquire an NFT Sneaker. To begin, players choose one of their sneakers and press Start.”

The first INO (Initial NFT Offering) for Calo Indoor will be available for purchase next month. According to the Calo Run website, it appears as though players will have the ability to customize their attire, rent NFT sneakers, and trade items via the app.

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