The First VR Music Video Made in Tilt Brush is Spectacular

Captivating is an understatement.

Tilt Brush has become a hit within the VR community, giving artists and amateurs alike a whole new perspective in which to create. So honestly it’s not all that shocking that users are taking this app in exciting new directions that push what can be done within the amazing tool. One of the more amazing creations debuted on YouTube last week as indie rock/pop group Ball Park Music released a music video to their track Whipping Boy made entirely with the HTC Vive VR application Tilt Brush.

The beautifully shot video is nearly three minutes of pure eye-candy as viewers are guided through a skillfully architected light show filled with beaming lasers designed in gorgeous patterns. The video is also synced to the music, so at certain moments you’ll see things like visually drawn lyrics pass by you at the same time they are being sung by the vocalist in the song. All these designs and drawings are made even cooler thanks to the recently added audio-reactive brush which pulses to the beat of a selected music track.

Is watching the video on YouTube not immersive enough for you? Well guess what?! You can walk around the experience in real-time with your own HTC Vive! Go ahead and download the .Tilt project here [4.75mb dropbox link], put the song on repeat, and enable “audio reactive” brushes for best effect!

Whipping Boy is the newest single off of Ball Park Music’s highly-anticipated new studio album, Every Night The Same Dream which releases August 19th later this week.

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