Here’s A First Look At Ubisoft’s ‘Prince Of Persia’ VR Escape Room

Stop, slow, and rewind time in this multiplayer location-based VR experience inspired by the classic franchise.

This past February, German-based studio Ubisoft Düsseldorf posted a series of job listings in search of a level designer, narrative designer, and character artist to assist on a brand new VR game based on one of its “greatest IPs.” Naturally, this lead to a whirlwind of speculation as to which of Ubisoft’s original titles would be receiving the VR treatment.

The company has already released two Assassin’s Creed location-based experiences into VR arcades, but there are still plenty of other properties to explore, including Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, Watch Dogs, Ghost Recon, Rayman, Far Cry, and The Division.

Today the company offered us our first look at the mystery project, revealing Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time, a multiplayer location-based VR escape room based on the long-running action-adventure franchise of the same name.

Set between the events of the original trilogy (Sands of Time, Warrior Within, The Two Thrones), The Dagger of Time has teams of two, three, or four players physically navigating their way through an ancient complex filled with a variety of obstacles and puzzles to overcome.

Here’s the scoop: Kaileena has sent you and your allies to the Fortress of Time in order to stop an evil Magi using the legendary Hourglass Chamber. According to Ubisoft, The Dagger of Time will feature a heavy emphasis on teamwork, requiring players to communicate properly as they interact with objects, solve a variety of ancient puzzles, and climb around obstacles.

Players will even have control of special powers, including the ability to stop, slow, and reverse time. According to Ubisoft, no prior knowledge of past Prince of Persia games is required in order to enjoy The Dagger of Time. While I’m sure hardcore fans of the series are no doubt disappointed by today’s reveal, it’s great to see Ubisoft continue its embrace of location-based entertainment. Personally, I was a big fan of Triotech’s Assassin’s Creed©: The Temple of Anubis VR maze.

No word yet on an official release date. Those interested can find the nearest supported location here.

Image Credit: Ubisoft Düsseldorf

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