Our First Look At Disney’s Next VR Film A Kite’s Tale

Disney’s hand-drawn VR film is an adorable tale of two unlikely friends.

Walt Disney Animation Studios latest stab at immersive filmmaking, a kite’s tale, is set to premiere later this month at SIGGRAPH 2019, making it the second VR short film from Disney to debut at the annual computer graphics conference.

This week Disney released a bit more information behind the mysterious project, revealing an adorable pair of characters who must work together to brave the dangers of life in the unforgiving sky.

According to an official release from Disney: a kite’s tale combines classic hand-drawn animation and the latest innovations in virtual reality to tell this whimsical tale of two kites; a playful puppy (with a wagging tail) and a pompous dragon who clash, tangle, and ultimately must learn to live with one another subject to the winds of fate.

Image Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

“I’m thrilled that ‘a kite’s tale’ is premiering at SIGGRAPH 2019’s VR Theater,” said director Bruce Wright, whose previous credits include effects animation on films such as Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph, Frozen, and Frozen 2. “Virtual reality has the ability to bring us into new worlds of story, and touch the hearts of the audience in never before dreamt of ways. It’s an honor to showcase our film at SIGGRAPH for the innovators and artists who are shaping the future of this medium.”

“We’re still on the cusp of a powerful new medium, and I cannot wait for audiences to experience what Disney has done with its second VR short,” added SIGGRAPH 2019 VR Theater Director Maxwell Planck. “It’s encouraging and exciting to see studios and artists with proven success in more traditional computer graphics contribute to the next evolution of storytelling, and further proves that the seeds we are planting are strong.”

Image Credit: SIGGRAPH

A kite’s tale was a product of Disney Animation’s Innovative Short Circuit, an initiative that allows anyone within the studio to pitch a short film concept for the opportunity of producing and directing their idea with the support of Disney Animation. A kite’s tale will screen July 28th to August 1st at SIGGRAPH’s VR Theater.

Tickets are available now. Last year, Disney debuted its first VR short film Cycles at the conference, pulling the heartstrings of attendees with an emotional journey that shined a spotlight on the high’s and low’s of everyday family life.

Featured Image Credit: Disney

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