Our First Look At ‘Green Hell VR’ On PCVR

A new gameplay trailer teases a brutal survival-horror experience set in the dense, unforgiving jungle of the Amazon rainforest.

Today, developer Incuvo Games offered us our first look at official gameplay from its upcoming VR adaptation of Creepy Jar’s 2019 PC survival game, Green Hell.

Launching later this year on PCVR and Oculus Quest headsets, Green Hell VR will have you fighting for your life as you explore, craft, build, and hunt your way through the Amazonian jungle using a variety of life-saving survival techniques. What sets Green Hell apart from its counterparts in the survival-crafting genre is its hyper-realistic focus on the real-world dangers one may face in the jungle, from deadly wildlife to devastating tropical diseases. This latest trailer features gameplay from the PCVR version of the game, teasing an absolutely terrifying survival-horror experience.

Green Hell VR is the very first VR game, where one can explore the dense, dangerous yet beautiful rainforest, faithfully recreated in the game’ says Andrzej Wychowaniec, CEO of Incuvo, in an official release.

“We believe that VR is a perfect medium to tell amazing stories. One doesn’t have to shower enemies with lots and lots of bullets or use tons of firearms to enjoy the game. Everyone can enjoy the game at their own pace. They can focus, for example, on building the biggest camp the jungle can provide and feel like the famous MacGyver, crafting useful items from whatever the jungle can provide.”

Image Credit: Incuvo Games

According to Incuvo, the PCVR and Quest versions of Green Hell VR are being developed independently based on their respective platforms. As a result, the Quest version will feature a different experience from that of PCVR, though we don’t have any specifics just yet.

For more information check out the official Discord. “Our team is already on the server, eager to interact with the fans. They even prepared a few fun emojis to get the community going!,” said Wychowaniec.

Feature Image Credit: Incuvo Games

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