First-Ever Pistol Whip Tournament Offering $10K Prize Pool

VAL and Oculus are offering cash money to the world’s best Pistol Whippers.

Since the launch of Cloudhead Games highly anticipated VR shooter Pistol Whip, gamers have been hard at work mowing down waves of low poly bad guys to the beat of a thumping EDM soundtrack. Its fast-paced action has you shooting, pistol-whipping, and ducking bullets; giving you a full-body workout and testing your reflexes in the process. It’s for this reason, along with many others, that competitive gamers have quickly flocked to the precision-based experience, filling the leaderboards with superhuman scores.

Consider yourself one of these top-level players? Thanks to a new partnership between Oculus, iBUYPOWER, and several other companies, you now have the chance to test your skills against the very best as part of the first-ever Pistol Whip tournament.

This March, the Virtual Athletics League (VAL), the world’s largest VR eSports league, is launching a worldwide Pistol Whip VR tournament in which the very best players can compete for a chunk of a collective $10,000 prize pool provided by Oculus and iBUYPOWER, in association with the largest names in the VR community; VRespawn, SpringboardVR, LIV, VRML, and Splitverse.  

While speaking to VRScout, Vivian Chazen, Partner and Producer at VRespawn, shared her excitement surrounding the tournament, saying, “I am so hyped for people to actually see players in the game, moving around, and breaking a sweat.” Chazen adds, “It’s what makes VR sports different from traditional esports and can really take gaming to the next level as a spectator sport.”

Kicking off March 13-14, the competition will be split up into three different sections. The first section is an at-home online event that people from all over the globe can watch; the winner of this competition will take home a solid $2,500. The second event is the global VR arcade division co-hosted by SpringboardVR. Running March 19-22, the winner of the arcade section will walk away with another $2,500. The top 3 players in the arcade section will advance to the pinnacle Grand Finals where they will be given an all-expenses-paid trip to Salt Lake City on March 29.

Upon arrival, the elite 3 will be treated to the ultimate gaming weekend, including a bunch of gaming swag, custom mixed reality avatars from Wolf3d, and other awesome VIP packages. Then they will go head-to-head to finally crown the best Pistol Whip player in the world. The winner will gain full bragging rights, another $2,500 check to put in their pockets, and an Oculus Rift S. 2nd place will get $1,500 and an Oculus Rift S. 3rd receives $1,000 and an Oculus Rift S. 

“We have always considered that home players and arcade players are part of an interconnected ecosystem that supports our core mission of VR esports taking place anywhere,” described Ryan Burningham, CEO and founder of the Virtual Athletics League. “This tournament is our largest yet, and we are deeply grateful to all those we are working with, to bring this VR esports revolution to the world.”

Not quite good enough to compete but still interested in taking part in all the action? During the tournament, visit AltspaceVR for a virtual party hosted by Chazen. She will be in-world interviewing players, chatting with organizers, and breaking down of the latest tournament standings.

“It’s so meta!”, according to Chazen.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a Pistol Whip champion, head over to the VAL website and sign up for your chance at internet glory.

Image Credit: Virtual Athletics League, Oculus 

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