The First VR/360 Chrome Extension Has Arrived: SVRF Tabs

SVRF is launching SVRF Tabs, the first Chrome extension for VR content.

Immersionauts: we just found your new favorite Internet tool. Search + Discovery for Virtual Reality (SVRF) has launched SVRF Tabs, which lets you experience VR/360 content natively in your browser via Chrome extension.


As the name implies, SVRF is all about exposing people to the latest and greatest in VR, so Tabs was a logical extension of the core mission.

“As we’ve been building SVRF, we’ve been thinking a lot about how to get people to experience VR/360 on a daily basis and build a routine around it,” said SVRF Co-Founder and CEO Sophia Dominguez. “We realized some of the most under-utilized, ‘immersive’ real-estate is within broswer tabs (a big, bright screen that takes up an entire view, that people spend most of their day staring at), so we thought, ‘Why not put beautiful 360 content in every tab?'”

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SVRF Founders Sophia Dominguez and Brent Chow

Using the SVRF API, Tabs lets people experience immersive content each time they open a tab—so rather than staring down a spread of thumbnails and most-visited sites, users are greeted by a piece of “the most breathtaking VR/360 content” available.


SVRF aims to be the world’s first search and discovery engine for VR content, but the team decided to launch SVRF Tabs prior to that of their web/mobile products so that audiences could discover the platform in a fun, approachable way. Sophia and co-founder Brent Chow want to use SVRF to lower the barrier of entry for consumers in approaching VR, as well as empower them to more easily search and discover content. They see SVRF Tabs as the portal to the entire SVRF platform, which is currently in closed beta and set to launch later this month.


The SVRF web platform will allow users to “surf” across all types of VR content based on what’s trending, category, keyword, tags, or computer vision algorithms. In addition to the web platform, mobile betas will be launching for both iOS and Android, which will let users experience the content via Google Cardboard.

In the meantime, get SVRF Tabs here.

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