Firefox Reality Update Makes It Easier To Jump Between Your Headset And PC

Send 360 videos from your computer to your VR headset in one click.

Say you have a big snowboarding trip coming up with you and your best buds. In order to psych yourself up for a full day of shredding, you’re on your laptop computer searching YouTube for awesome 360VR videos of people tearing up the gnar. After some intense digging, you finally come across the perfect video buried deep within the hidden corners of YouTube.

Thanks to the latest Firefox Reality update, you can now instantly send that video directly from your laptop to your VR headset through a new “Send Tab” option built into the dropdown menu located in Firefox’s URL. 

Once you’ve sent your 360 VR video, just put on your VR headset, open the Firefox Reality app, and your video will be cued up and ready to go.

The only real set up is making sure you are signed in to your Firefox Account on all of your devices, such as your smartphone or computer; you must also be logged in to the Firefox Reality app on your Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, or your HTC VR headset. 

With all your devices logged in to the same account, you are also able to sync your search history and bookmarks. No more having to clumsily type our long URL’s with your motion controllers or retracing your steps back to a specific page; with its latest update, compatible VR headsets are now an official part of the Firefox Reality ecosystem.

Image Credit: Firefox

One question that remains is whether or not Firefox Reality will support the recently-launched Oculus Quest hand tracking. No doubt being able to use your bare hands to navigate the web would prove to be a far more natural form of interaction as opposed to motion controllers.

Mozilla has also snuck in several other minor updates, such as the ability to copy and paste text and links. Similar to how you would do it on your phone, you can now press-and-hold text using your VR controller to access a variety of options. They’ve also introduced custom keyboards that offer support for numerous languages, such as Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, and Polish.

Image Credit: Firefox

The company plans on delivering more features like these throughout 2020 with the goal of delivering a fully immersive web browsing experience that will make using VR a more seamless part of our everyday lives.

You can see the full release notes for this and all of Mozilla’s updates at their GitHub repository.

Firefox Reality is available right now for the Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, and Viveport headsets.

Feature Image Credit: Firefox

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