Find Virtual Love In The Metaverse With This Dating App

There are plenty of virtual fish in the sea.

Nevermet is a new dating app aimed specifically at VR users looking for love in all the wrong virtual places. The concept is fairly simple. Users create a social profile with their preferred age and gender filters and swipe through other users in search of a potential match.

Think of it like Tinder or Hinge only instead of posting images of your real self you upload images and videos of your VR persona, such as your custom VRChat avatar. According to the apps creator Cheerio, the same team behind VR apps like Couch and Somewhere, human faces are strictly prohibited on the Nevermet platform. Users are instead judged based on their avatar movements, style, and voice.

“The problem is, it’s hard to find a VRBF or a VRGF (ahem, a “virtual reality boyfriend/girlfriend”). Walking up to an avatar in a digital world, just like in the real world, is nerve-wracking!,” said Cheerio in an official release. “It’s even tougher when one doesn’t know the gender or age of the other person, if they’re single, or if there’s anything in common.

As Tinder made it easier for people looking for a relationship to find each other in the real world, Nevermet wants to make it easier in VR and the Metaverse,” the company added. “Nevermet is focused on enabling romantic relationships in VR, but users who are looking to make friends are also welcomed.”

According to Cheerio, VR technology has the potential to disrupt the dating app market by offering people a way to connect authentically in fantastical environments that are difficult or down right impossible to replicate in real life. “…play ping pong, ride unicorns, and go to Paris, all on your first date,” says the company.

“I love how VR is becoming a middle ground for online couples that can’t be together physically but don’t exactly want to be stuck behind the walls of a text,” said one of the app’s users.

“My husband and I met in VR Chat. We fell in love with each other’s voices which I think was very wholesome. We went on VR dates until I moved to be with him eight months later. We’ve been married for nine months, and I couldn’t be happier,” said another.

Interested in making a potential connection? Download the Nevermet app available free on iOS and get started creating your profile. For more information visit here.

Image Credit: Cheerio

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